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Injury Prevention through Education & Empowerment

Who is this community for?

Anyone invested in the safe and successful use of Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound.

Anyone invested in the health and wellness of healthcare providers.

Anyone invested in prioritizing their own safety, health, and wellness to ensure optimization of the human mind, body, and spirit of themselves or their teams.

"To uplift AN industry, we must create effective, positive, & productive change, AS a industry"

Safety in Sonography through Education & Empowerment

What's Different About #Teamsono?

The intellectual and physical stamina needed to endure in healthcare is essential to avoid burnout and provide high-quality patient care. We encourage, educate and empower you to connect your mind and your muscles to optimize your entire being so you can be your best self. 

While we understand that YES in life there are SO many things that are out of our control but there are also SO many things in your control ... 

including how you choose to show up & serve in healthcare and how you choose to show up and serve in your own life so neither feel sacrificial to your health and wellness

Why Do I Need To Understand


Ergonomics and body biomechanics are critical to understand jointly when thinking of how to prevent injury in healthcare. To train in just one or the other is to ignore half the battle for understanding and achieving safety in sonography. 

And frankly, to send any frontline warrior into battle ill prepared is bad form. 

Be empowered to know you're not doomed to live a painful life in order to be a GREAT healthcare provider and serve your patients. In fact the more you show up for yourself the more you'll be able to show up for them. And were here to show up for you!

You're Supported !

Looking for the up-to-date resources and education in safety? 

Looking to get the best in training for safety in sonography?

We're ready to welcome you to the team. 

- #Teamsono